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Free puzzle Hack of Mind offers you a fascinating journey through a maze full of dangers and traps. This exciting puzzle game contains a lot of tasks that test your brain! In Hack of Mind, you need to go through the maze bypassing the traps. Do not look for simple solutions, problems that undermine the canons of standard thinking - the most interesting thing in this puzzle!
The game is absolutely free! Play the free Hack of Mind puzzle game every day. Go through the mazes as a family! Our Board game is suitable for people of any age and level of training!

How to play Hack of Mind puzzle game:

✓ Swipe to move the chips
✓ Chips go at the same time
✓ The game will be completed when the chips reach the finish line
✓ The fewer moves the more crystals!
✓ Earn the maximum number of crystals to become the best Hack of Mind player!

Main features of the free puzzle game Hack of Mind:

✓ Completely free to play
✓ Just have fun with the puzzle game: you don't need WiFi or Internet connection
✓ Comfortable playing conditions: no time limit
✓ Game for the whole family: suitable for all ages
✓ To solve the puzzle you need to use spatial thinking controlling multiple objects at the same time!
✓ Many mazes! At the moment, more than 80!
✓ Fun sound effects!
✓ Clear rules and easy management!
✓ Thoughtful, simple interface in a minimalistic style!
✓ Simple and addictive game play!
✓ Support for achievements!